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The wireline core barrel through its special structure, can provide a lot of application. It has the advantages of large diameter, high-quality core, ability to obtain good recovery in a wide range of geological formations and excellent hydraulics.



What are diamond drill bits?

Diamond drill bits are useful portable drills. They can drill clean holes in bricks, glass and concrete, and are better than other drills bits. The diameter of the hole you drill can be as small as 20 mm, as large as 130 mm, and as deep as 300 mm. They come in many varieties and types, with better performance and capabilities than their steel counterparts. It is important to know when and how to use the diamond drill bits.



Why are impregnated core bits more beneficial?

Impregnated core bit is the most commonly used drill in mineral exploration industry. The advantages of impregnated core bits over bits made from other cutting media include: versatility, Its simple geometry makes it less vulnerable to damage and easier to adapt to changes in geological structures or zones. So on some specific projects it is more beneficial.



How to use diamond core bits?

The diamond core bit is now widely used with its main advantages: high drilling efficiency, good drilling quality, light equipment and tools, low labor intensity, fewer accidents in the hole, low drilling cost. So it is important for us to know the correct operation of diamond core bits.



What's the usage of impregnated diamond core bits?

The drill is attached to the main part of the core barrel and is used for drilling directly into the ground, it plays the most important role in the equipment used in drilling. There are many types of drill bits classified and used for the purposes of drilling or ground conditions, and drill bits vary in material, shape, and performance.impregnated diamond core bits are especially used for drilling hard rock because of their features.



How is drill pipe motion like?

The drill pipe is used to connect the surface equipment of the rig and the drill tool. The role of the drill pipe is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit, and use the drill bit to lift or rotate the bottom hole device. The drill pipe must be able to withstand greater internal and external pressure, deformation, bending, and vibration. During the extraction and refining of oil and gas, the drill pipe can be used multiple times. By understanding how the drill pipe works, you can better know its advantages and its irreplaceable role.



What are drill pipes used for?

The drill pipe is a steel pipe with a thread at the tail, which is used to connect the surface equipment of the rig with the drilling and grinding equipment. Widely used in mining, water well drilling, geothermal, petroleum and so on. The drill pipe must be able to withstand huge internal and external pressures, twists, bends, and vibrations. In this article we will expand on its application, advantages and other aspects.



How are the sizings of drill pipes measured?

Drilling natural resources such as oil, gas, and water requires a variety of basic tools and equipment to effectively complete the project. drill pipe is one of these tools. To better understand the drill pipe, here's how to measure its dimensions.



What’s the manufacturing process in drill pipe?

Manufacturing drill pipe is a serious business. Advanced drilling products bring advanced machinery, knowledge and craftsmanship to an industry that requires careful attention to detail. We produce drill pipes with attention to detail and manufacturing quality control. Just because the pipeline is small does not mean that work is less important. You can browse our manufacturing process below.



What is tool joint in drill pipe?

Tool joints are heavy duty connectors for drill pipe, with thick tapered threads and sealed shoulders, it is used to withstand the weight of drill pipe and the pressure of repeated handling, to resist additional handling during drilling, and to provide leak-proof sealing. Tool joints can be welded to the drill pipe, screwed to the drill pipe, or screwed and welded together.

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