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What's the usage of impregnated diamond core bits?

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The drill is attached to the main part of the core barrel and is used for drilling directly into the ground, it plays the most important role in the equipment used in drilling. There are many types of drill bits classified and used for the purposes of drilling or ground conditions, and drill bits vary in material, shape, and performance.impregnated diamond core bits are especially used for drilling hard rock because of their features.


This article contains the following aspects: 

  • The Introduction of impregnated diamond core bits

  • The usage of impregnated diamond core bits

  • The method of use

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of impregnated diamond core bits

impregnated diamond core bits are made of small and high-quality synthetic diamonds. The diamonds used are fine industrial-grade diamonds, they are arranged on substrates of varying hardness, from brass to high-grade steel. The main technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond type, particle size, concentration and diamond grade, matrix hardness and crown shape. Matrix hardness, diamond size and amount vary with the rock being cut. Reasonable selection of drilling rig according to the formation conditions can obtain satisfactory drilling results in formations with different hardness.

The impregnated diamond core bits has the following features:

1.Good drilling speed. 

2.High wear resistance and impact-resistant toughness

3. Longer drilling life

4. Fast penetration rate

5. Labor intensity can be reduce

2.The usage of impregnated diamond core bits

It is economical and highly effective in drilling works to use the proper bits after full understanding of the usage of each bit.

1.The impregnated diamond core bit is designed to work as a grinding tool, so it must work at relatively high speeds and high drill loads. In order to prevent premature damage to the drill bit (air blasting cannot be used for impregnated drill bits), the impregnated drill bit must be well cooled.

2. Compared with other types of cutting media, their multi-layer cutter structure makes the overall life of the drill longer. The impregnated diamond core bits is particularly suitable for drilling in hard, consolidated, non-abrasive formations. Therefore, it is widely used in various drilling, coring and inspection piles in the fields of exploration, hydroelectricity, construction, highway, railway, bridge, and other industries.

3. Impregnated diamond core bit is the most commonly used bit in the mineral exploration industry.

4. Impregnated diamond core bit for cutting medium to super hard formations. They used various powdered metals to mix with synthetic diamond and reinforced with carbides and diamonds. This allows the drill bit to drill all types of formations. impregnated diamond core bits can be used for various tasks such as crushing, high abrasiveness, fine grain, consolidation and super hard rock. The drill bit is sharp and the cutting edge is updated. As the substrate wears, a new diamond layer is exposed. But immersion drills are not suitable for drilling through the cover.

3.The method of use

1.Make sure that the wrench is not in contact with diamonds in bits and shells. It could lead to rubble. Diamonds core bit should not suffer such abuse.

2. Use a complete round handle with an inside and outside wrench. Avoid damaging or deforming the tubular connection of the core barrel assembly. 

3. Whenever possible, drill with an old drill at a moderate RPM. On the rough rock surface, the tip point on the new impregnated diamond core bit may break.

4. Start the water cycle and bite into the bottom. Remove debris from the bottom of the hole.

5. Start drilling a new bit in an existing core hole 4-6 inches from the bottom. The old replacement bit may have been slightly out of order.

6. Run the new drill at a slow feed rate and a moderate RPM for the first few inches. Give the diamond time to sit among the rocks.

7. Tighten all drill pipe joints and oil cores if necessary before lowering into the hole. Cleaning water may leak through the joint and the bit will burn in the bottom sludge.

8. Lubricate the barrel and rod. Prevent vibration and its hammering effect, thus causing the diamond to break.

9. Avoid core grinding. Grinding core will quickly destroy the bit and shell.

10. Remove the loose core. Drilling on the loose core is very harmful to the bit.

11. Avoid dry blocking.The heat generated by dry blockages can become useless.

12. Do not drop a bit on the bottom. Diamonds can break.

13. Do not start the bit rotation under pressure.This will damage the diamond cutting point. 

14. Before beginning drilling, make sure the fluid circulates through the drill bit. Keep in mind that it takes time for the cycle to reach the bit, especially on deeper holes. 

15. Do not lift the bit more than half an inch from the bottom when improving the flow of the sticky ground.The short core may fall into the hole and damage the impregnated diamond core bit. 

16. Keep drill bits and shells safe. In order to protect bits and shells from damage.They should be removed from the barrel, greased and stored in separate boxes. 


By understanding the use of impregnated diamond core bits, we can see its importance. If you need a high-quality impregnated diamond core bits, our company will be your best choice.



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