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Oil And Gas Drilling

After geological survey and geophysical exploration, select the most favorable drilling location for oil and gas accumulation, and drill the oil and gas layer with drilling technology to test the geophysical data, understand the underground oil and gas geological exploration data, calculate the oil and gas reserves, and provide the development prospects. The purpose of drilling engineering, referred to as oil and gas drilling. The principles of oil and gas drilling and geological core drilling are basically the same. Only the oil and gas wells are relatively deep (generally 1000-7000 meters), the caliber is large (the general opening is 915 mm), the final hole is 216 mm, and the large-scale drilling rig is used. Generally, the stratum and the core are recorded according to the cuttings.
DTH Hammer Application


Oil/Gas/Geothermal/Mining/Geological/Water Well/Exploration Drilling Industry

Applicable Products:

Tricone Bit 、Drill Pipe、Stabilizer、Drill Collar、Downhole Motor、Coring Barrel、Downhole Survey Camera

Down The Hole(DTH) Drilling /Quarry Drilling/Blast Hole Drilling

The essence of the downhole rock drilling is to infiltrate the DTH Hammer into the hole during the rock drilling process to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the hole depth on the rock drilling efficiency.
Down the hole Drilling (Air drilling) refers to the use of compressed air or a mixture of gas and liquid containing compressed air as a flushing medium in the borehole, or the use of compressed air as both a power for rock breaking tools and a new drilling technique for flushing media. Air drilling can be either positive or negative drilling (reverse circulation drilling).
Down the hole Drilling (Air drilling) technology includes multi-process air drilling technology systems for circulating media, recycling, rock breaking methods and applications. Its main features are as follows: low-density medium is conducive to increasing the rate of rock breaking; it can effectively cool the drill bit, remove cuttings and rapid judgment; can protect the pore wall and less polluted environment in unstable formation; help protect the aquifer and low-pressure oil and gas Layer and increase the output rate; it is especially beneficial for the construction of dry and water-deficient areas and severe cold and frozen layers; it is also beneficial to avoid the use of liquid circulation anti-sliding anchor holes and open pit blast hole construction; air DTH hammer drilling can be greatly improved Hard rock drilling speed; gas lift reverse circulation drilling can achieve large diameter wells of 2~3m and above and deep well construction of more than 2000m.
Quarry Drilling


Down The Hole(DTH) Drilling, Rock Drilling, Blast Hole Drilling, Water Well Drilling, Oil/gas drilling, Mining, Mineral Exploration Core Drilling, National defense construction, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnels, bridges, highways, anchorage, urban rail transit construction drilling industry, etc.

Applicable Products:

DTH Hammers、DTH Hammer Bits、Reverse Circulation(RC)Hammer、Reverse Circulation (RC) Bits、DTH Drill Pipe (DTH Drill Rod)、Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools、Overburden Casing System、Rock Drill Rig

Exploration diamond drilling 、Mineral Exploration Core Drilling

“Geological exploration” means to explore and detect geology through various means and methods, determine the appropriate bearing layer, determine the basic type according to the bearing capacity of the bearing layer, and calculate the investigation and research activities of the basic parameters. It is a mineral deposit found in the mineral census. In order to find out the quality and quantity of the mineral and the technical conditions for mining and utilization, it provides the mineral reserves and geological data needed for the mine construction design, and the rocks and strata in a certain area. Investigate and study the geological conditions of the structure, minerals, hydrology and landforms.
The field of geological engineering is based on the natural sciences and the geosciences. It is mainly based on geological surveys, general surveys and explorations of mineral resources, geological structures of major projects and engineering issues involved in geological backgrounds, with geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Technology, mathematical geological methods, remote sensing technology, testing technology, computer technology, etc. are the pioneering engineering fields for the national economic construction.
Exploration diamond drilling

Applicable Products:

Core Barrel、Diamond Core Drill Bits、Reaming Shell、Drill Rod/Drill Pipe 、Overshot、Casing/Pipe Casing、Core Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling/Geothermal Drilling

Water well drilling methods generally include impact drilling, rotary drilling, reverse circulation drilling, air drilling and DTH drilling.
Drilling through aquifers is the purpose of drilling hydrological wells. It aims to determine the water volume, water quality and mining conditions of groundwater, and provide detailed and reliable hydrological data for mining underground or subsequent water supply, so as to implement well-forming operations.
Geothermal well drilling is well used for geothermal steam and geothermal water. It is an important special technology and is a necessary means for the exploration and mining of geothermal fluids.
Water Well Drilling

Applicable Products:

Rotary Drilling Tools、Tricone Drill Bit、PDC Drill Bit、Drill Pipe、Pipe Casing、Drilling Rig、DTH Hammer、DTH Hammer Bits、 Reverse Circulation(RC) hammer、 Reverse Circulation(RC) hammer bits



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