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Why are impregnated core bits more beneficial?

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Impregnated core bit is the most commonly used drill in mineral exploration industry. The advantages of impregnated core bits over bits made from other cutting media include: versatility, Its simple geometry makes it less vulnerable to damage and easier to adapt to changes in geological structures or zones. So on some specific projects it is more beneficial.


This article contains the following aspects:

  • The features of impregnated core bits

  • The advantages of impregnated core bits

  • Conclusion


1.The features of impregnated core bits

1.Compared to other types of diamond bits, the impregnated core bits are designed to be used as grinding tools and must work at relatively high rotational speeds, with higher bit loads. The impregnated core bit must be fully cooled by flushing to prevent premature failure of the bit (the impregnated bit must not be flushed using air).

2.The capability of drilling equipment is considered in terms of the operational capacity within the recommended operating parameters and changes in geological conditions. To address the limitations of drilling equipment, it is necessary to select the type of hard or soft matrix recommended in the matrix selection table.

3.The impregnated core bits can penetrate a variety of formations, from the softest rock to the hardest rock. They are made of very small high-quality synthetic diamonds and are uniformly mixed through a tungsten carbide matrix. During drilling, the substrate wears evenly, so new, sharp diamond tips are constantly exposed throughout the life of the drill. 

4.All impregnated core bits have T.C. and diamond protection. Optimal diamond size, concentration, and matrix composition vary depending on the hardness and wear of the rock being drilled. The immersion depth (d.i.) is the standard substrate depth of -3 mm and 6 mm d.i. Other depths can be ordered. When the drilling medium is a hard, non-erosive formation, a deep matrix is the most cost-effective. Shallow matrices are more suitable for highly worn or fractured formations. In this case, the wear of the drill diameter is large, and the deep matrix cannot be fully utilized. 

5.A finely serrated (10 mm) profile of the facial contour and waterways is usually used for a flat contour. The number and depth of channels are optimized for drilling formations. For some applications, auxiliary waterways or drains can be integrated.

6.If the core is required, the impregnated core bit is usually used; If the core is not required, the non-core bit is used. 

7.Impregnated core bit for cutting medium hard formation. They mixed various metal powders with synthetic diamonds and strengthened them with carbides and diamonds. This allows the rig to drill all types of formation. Impregnated core bits can be used for a variety of operations, including crushing, high wear, fine grains, consolidation and hard rock.


1.Longer service life than similar products (ultra-wear gauge). 

2.Maximize penetration (cutting hard stones faster).

3.Less push is needed to achieve more accurate drilling accurate, vibration-free drilling, straight hole.

4.Relatively cheap short-hole products, 30% softer than a similar bit (cutting hard rock faster) 5.Wear resistance, longer service life of outer diameter and inner diameter gauge. 

6.Better core recovery 

7.Reduce fuel consumption and equipment wear 

8.The cost per meter is much lower than the impregnated core bit imported from emerging economies 

9.Simplified matrix selection reduces inventory costs.


According to its features and advantages, we can figure out that the impregnated core bit is the right choice.Our company has passed the government certification and we are 100% confident to provide you with excellent services. The impregnated core bits we make will maximize its advantages, make your project go smoothly, and get more results with less effort.



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