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How are the sizings of drill pipes measured?

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Drilling natural resources such as oil, gas, and water requires a variety of basic tools and equipment to effectively complete the project. drill pipe is one of these tools. To better understand the drill pipe, here's how to measure its dimensions.

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This article contains the following aspects:

  • The introduction of drill pipes

  • How are the sizings of drill pipes measured

  • Conclusion


1.The introduction of drill pipes

The drill pipe is a seamless steel pipe, accounting for about 95% of the drill string length.. For clarity, a drill string is used to actually drill down to extract resources. The drill pipe is hollow, allowing the drilling fluid to flow freely throughout the drill pipe and to successfully complete the pumping process. The drill pipe is built to deliver drilling torque over the length of the drill pipe, usually several miles. They are also resistant to pressure changes and need to be able to withstand the full weight of deeper drilling components. The drill pipe is welded together through threaded tool joints, sleeve tool joints and pin tool joints. These joints are used at the top of the drill column to pump fluid and transfer torque to the drill bit. The drill pipe must be able to withstand tremendous internal and external pressure, torsion, bending and vibration.drill pipe can be used many times during oil and gas extraction and refining.

2.How are the Sizings of drill pipes Measured?

1.Individual joint of drill pipe is called "single". Then further determine the "single" according to the length. Specifically, the length is identified using the three-part API length range, so the length is divided into 1, 2, or 3. The most common length of drill pipe is range 2. This is important because when determining hole depth, you need to consider exactly the length of the drill string, including the length of the drill pipe. The drill pipe is manufactured in a variety of sizes and materials, which means there is the perfect drill rod for your project. Similar to the API length range, there are also API classes grouped, depending on the drill pipe size and material. API level measurement of yield strength, tensile strength, drill pipe body and tool joints. The API class is based on inspection, which is particularly important after the use of the drill pipe. Ultrasonic testing and a variety of other tools can be used to provide these measurement ranges.

2.Photoelectric measurement technology is an emerging subject developed in recent years. It uses CCD sensors to capture and convert detected images into digital signals, and then uses advanced computer software and hardware technology to process the digital signals of the images to obtain the required Information. Compared with manual measurement, the biggest advantage of photoelectric measurement is accurate, fast, reliable, and digital. At present, photoelectric measurement technology has been widely used in outer diameter detection. The photoelectric caliper can be used to detect the outer diameter of the drill pipe.

3.The outer diameter can be inspected online during production. At the same time, it can also be checked offline to measure the worn drill pipe. Considering that the diameter of the drill pipe is relatively large and limited by the field of view and resolution, if only one set of photoelectric probes is used, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, a set of adjustable dual-probe measurement technology has been developed. The advantage is that the probe distance can be adjusted while measuring a wide range of outer diameters to achieve the measurement of multi-standard drill rods. The measurement system uses two CCD probes placed in parallel, performance the same. When working, the upper and lower edges of the drill rod are illuminated with parallel light sources and imaged on two CCDs respectively. 

Large diameter calipers are installed on the drill pipe production line for online measurement, real-time data measurement and analysis of its diameter, and high-precision production of outer diameter dimensions. In addition, if you need to measure, you can also use a large diameter calipers with dual probes. The probe spacing can be adjusted automatically by simply entering control commands. 

The measurement of the drill rod uses the photoelectric caliper for online automatic measurement, which can improve the measurement accuracy, the product quality, and facilitate the timely adjustment of the production status. At the same time, it can also perform data analysis to facilitate employees to adjust the production status of the drill pipe to achieve high-quality production.

3. Conclusion

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