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What are drill pipes used for?

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The drill pipe is a steel pipe with a thread at the tail, which is used to connect the surface equipment of the rig with the drilling and grinding equipment. Widely used in mining, water well drilling, geothermal, petroleum and so on. The drill pipe must be able to withstand huge internal and external pressures, twists, bends, and vibrations. In this article we will expand on its application, advantages and other aspects.


This article contains the following aspects:

  • The description of drill pipes

  • The manufacturing process in drill pipe

  • The advantage of drill pipes

  • Conclusion


1.The description of drill pipes

DTH / DTHR / DR drill pipe is mainly composed of steel pipe with pin at one end and steel pipe with box at another end. The job of the drill pipe is to transfer rotational torque and thrust from the drill bit to the downhole drill. Connect the DTH hammer and the DTH drill with a DTH pipe, they are seamlessly controlled. Different diameters are required for different applications. Basically, a smaller DTH hammer requires a smaller DTH pipe and vice versa. Usually we provide 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm and so on. All DTH drill rods are friction welded and the usual threads are standard API connections such as 23/8 "APIREG thread, 31/2" APIREG thread or API IF thread. API standard E75 ~ S135 steel, 2 3/8 "~ 6 5/8" diameter oil drill pipes, high torsional double joint drill pipe, BNK C95S special steel sulfur well. It is mainly used for the construction of deep wells, horizontal wells and extended reach wells in oil and gas exploration and development.

Because of the depth, it is used for sand control in wells with high pressure and high traction values. Install the API shell into the online package screen shell to support the screen and enhance its capability and high tensile strength load. The drill pipe base can be made of API pipe seamless casing screw or stainless steel casing and the opening area of the base pipe can be up to 15%.

The common components of the drill string are: drill bit, drill collar, drill pipe, stabilizer, special joint and square drill pipe. The main functions of the drill string are as follows:(1) starting from the drill bit;(2) applying pressure;(3) transmitting power;(4) conveying drilling fluid;(5) special operation: squeezing cement to deal with underground accidents.

2.The feature of drill pipes

The purpose of the drill pipe is to transfer drilling mud to the drill bit and use the drill bit to raise, lower, or rotate the bottom hole device. The drill pipe must be able to withstand large internal and external pressure, deformation, bending and vibration. The drill pipe can be used multiple times in the oil and gas extraction and refining process. After several processing steps, the light pipe and the thick steel pipe are made into the drill pipe. First, through the thickening process of the steel pipe, the outer surface of the light pipe is bent inward to thicken the pipe wall. Second, threads and plating can increase the strength of copper. Then non-destructive quality control test is performed, and the pipe is welded. Then, the pipe will be subjected to welding heat treatment and final welding treatment to eliminate welding residual pressure. Before the finished pipeline is painted and packaged, several other tests are performed on the finished pipeline, including hardness test, pressure test and non-destructive testing. The drill pipe is made of high-quality materials and tested by spectrometer, impact and tensile test. Surface is treated with nitrogen. Also the resistant threads make it easier to handle.

3.The advantage of drill pipes

1.Suitable for hard, extra hard and medium soft rock structures. 

2. Reliable quality, long service life, less abnormal damage during operation. 

3. The flushing effect is good and the boring rate is guaranteed to be high. 

4. Excellent strength and anti-deformation ability: according to the need,the drill pipe can increase the protective cover. It can protect the internal and external substrate. The composite strength of the substrate after perforation is only 2-3% lower than the standard casing / tubing. Therefore, the pipe-based well wall has sufficient comprehensive strength to resist formation pressure. Even if some parts of the wellbore filter are deformed, the gap in this part will not widen, thereby improving the reliability of sand control. 

5. Smaller tanks will increase oil and gas production. 

6. Excellent technology makes high-efficiency, low-cost mass production possible. 

7. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.


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