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How is drill pipe motion like?

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The drill pipe is used to connect the surface equipment of the rig and the drill tool. The role of the drill pipe is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit, and use the drill bit to lift or rotate the bottom hole device. The drill pipe must be able to withstand greater internal and external pressure, deformation, bending, and vibration. During the extraction and refining of oil and gas, the drill pipe can be used multiple times. By understanding how the drill pipe works, you can better know its advantages and its irreplaceable role.


This article contains the following aspects:

  • The introduction of drill pipe

  • The motion of drill pipe

  • The advantage of drill pipe

  • Conclusion


1.The introduction of drill pipe

The drill string is composed of drill pipe and bottom hole assembly (BHA). The drill pipe is an important part of the entire drill pipe string. The main functions of the drill string are: 

(1)starting from the drill bit; 

(2) applying pressure; 

(3) power transmission; 

(4) conveying drilling fluid; 

(5) special operations: squeeze cement treatment underground accidents 

In DTH / DTHR / DR The drill pipe used in the application is mainly composed of a steel pipe with a pin at one end and a steel pipe with a box at the other end. The job of the drill pipe is to transfer the rotational torque and thrust from the rotary head of the drill to the drill bit.

2.The motion of drill pipe

Drilling is the use of drill bits at the bottom of drill pipe to cut sediment or rock layers (formation). Usually, the drill bit is rotated by  the top part of the drill pipe. At the bottom of the rig, the drill bit can well control the contact pressure between the drill bit and the formation. However, in deep drilling, it is difficult to maintain and rotate the bit properly due to the nonlinear dynamic motion of several complex drill pipes. 

So we need to understand drill pipe and bit movement and control bit movement as well as WOB. These dynamic movements include: drill pipe rotation, magnus effect in no riser drilling, viscous or torsional vibration on the bit, bit rotation, etc. In addition, since the resonance frequency of the drill tube matches the ups and downs, the vertical motion in the deep drill becomes more frequent in the drilling vessel. This results a significant change in the WOB of the bit. These dynamic movements not only complicate the drilling operation, but also produce or increase the force on the drill pipe, which leads to cumulative fatigue. Through the model experiment, the complex nonlinear dynamic motion of drill pipe and drill bit is understood, the numerical simulation model is established, and a good fatigue evaluation method is established.

3.The advantage of drill pipe

1. Suitable for hard, extremely hard and medium soft rock structures. 

2. Reliable quality, long service life, less abnormal damage in operation. 

3. Rinse well and ensure high drilling rate. 

4. Strict quality assurance and compensation system. 

5. Weight: lighter (45% lighter than the old drill pipe) 

6. Drilling faster, less dust after drilling the vertical hole. 

7. The connection is convenient and quick, and the binding material is saved. 

8. More convenient to operate in drilling exploration wells, etc.

4. Conclusion

By understanding how the drill pipe moves, I believe you already know its importance. There is no doubt that it is the key to the successful completion of the work. Our company will provide you the best quality drill pipe and the best service. All production and processing are strictly in accordance with standards. At the same time, our mature production technology ensures that the quality meets international requirements.



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