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How to use diamond core bits?

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The diamond core bit is now widely used with its main advantages: high drilling efficiency, good drilling quality, light equipment and tools, low labor intensity, fewer accidents in the hole, low drilling cost. So it is important for us to know the correct operation of diamond core bits


This article contains the following aspects:

  • The Introduction of diamond core bits

  • The instructions of diamond core bits

  • Conclusion



The bit that makes the cutting edge is called the diamond core bit. The whole bit has no moving parts and has a simple structure. It has high strength, high wear and impact resistance. It is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in the 1980s. Field use proves that when drilling in soft-medium hard formations, diamond core bits have the advantages of fast speed, long footage, long life, stable work, fewer accidents, and good quality. The diamond core bit is not only used for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond core bit can return to the factory for repair, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

Diamond is the most hardness mineral, so it can replace the steel grain drilling in the middle hard formation. With the change of diamond cutting tool's shape (flake, triangular), diamond can also be used in soft formation under medium and hard. Diamond core bit is almost unlimited in pore size and hole depth, with a minimum pore size of 28 mm and a maximum pore depth of 4000 m. It can be drilled at any angle. However, it is easy to produce diamond cracking and core clogging when encountered with fractured strata. In addition, the life of the diamond core bit is greatly reduced when encountered with quartz sandstone and other abrasive strata.

2.Instructions of diamond core bits

1.Diamond core bits are used to cut bricks and soft concrete and are not suitable for cutting high density concrete, engineering bricks and abrasives as they may damage or shorten the service life of diamond core bits. Although soft or abrasive material is easy to cut, it can also cause rapid wear on the cutting edge of the core bit. When using this material, increasing the drilling speed will prolong the service life of the core bit. If the diamond core bit is dulled, make a shallow cut in a soft building brick or block to refresh the cutting edge of the diamond section.

2.For the diamond core bit used, always use the drill at the recommended speed. The speed between 1,000 and 3,000 rpm is normal. The diamond core bits must always be used with an electric drill with rated power between 850 and 100 watts, equipped with a safety clutch and variable speed function up to 3000 rpm.

3.In and out of the cut of the material, always ensure that the core drill rotation. Do not use “hammer ” action when using diamond core bits, as this may damage core drill bits and power tools. Do not apply excessive pressure, otherwise it will produce excessive heat, resulting in premature wear and tear of diamonds.

4.For harder materials, the drilling speed should be reduced to prevent overheating. Do not allow the diamond core drill to overheat when cutting, and leave a certain cooling time between the two cuts. Diamond core bits relies on airflow to maintain cooling and help heat dissipation, with regular core pulling to assist in the drilling process, allowing the core to rotate outside the hole for a few seconds to cool the core. Regular cutting keeps the core running cool and helps remove all worn waste, thereby minimizing the risk of core deterioration being stuck.

5.Diamond core bits can only be used when the machine is set to the "rotary" option

6.Regularly check the diamond core bit for damage and signs of uneven wear. Also refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the maximum core diameter that can be safely used with power tools.

Also we should pay attention to what's the right thing to do in two different situations:

A) with a pilot drill 

1. Insert the pilot drill into the Hexagon or SDS adapter. 

2. After marking, drill a diamond head of at least 5 mm into the material. 

3. Remove from the material, disconnect the power supply, and then remove the pilot drill with the drift key. 

4. Drilling resumed.

B)without a pilot drill

Experienced agents can use the following procedures

1.With the operation of the diamond core bits, the cutting edge is coated on the surface of the material to be cut, and the angle of the drill is about 15 °. 

2.With the occlusion of the teeth, gradually move the core position to the surface of the material at an angle of 90º, while continuing to apply pressure. Please note that this procedure should not damage the diamond core bit.


In order to use a diamond core bit correctly, you need to understand how it works and use it strictly according to the instructions above. At the same time, our company provides you with everything you need to get familiar with it, including a detailed instruction manual. If in doubt, feel free to contact us.



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