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What are diamond drill bits?

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Diamond drill bits are useful portable drills. They can drill clean holes in bricks, glass and concrete, and are better than other drills bits. The diameter of the hole you drill can be as small as 20 mm, as large as 130 mm, and as deep as 300 mm. They come in many varieties and types, with better performance and capabilities than their steel counterparts. It is important to know when and how to use the diamond drill bits.


This article contains the following aspects: 

  • The Introduction of diamond drill bits

  • The method of use 

  • The advantage of diamond drill bits

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of diamond drill bits

Diamond drill bits are useful tool when drilling on hard non-woody surfaces such as ceramics, porcelain, glass, stone, marble and granite. The diamond bit acquires additional cutting capacity by embedding small pieces of diamond powder in it. Diamond core drills are available in sizes 1mm - 3mm and 3.5mm - 60mm and larger.They also come in a range with a 2.35mm shank. Jewelers and watchmakers use the smallest diamond bits to punch the beads and other hard surfaces. For jewellery making purposes and precision holes in precious stone we recommend using the small diamond drill bits which have a solid, flat end, or tip. These are available in sizes as small as 0.75mm. However, the diamond core bit may be larger. They also produce a “stopper ”. When selecting the right diamond drill bit, all factors should consider, including the material you plan to drill and the type of hole you need.

The core bit is hollow in the middle and is drilled by cutting a hole from the material to be drilled. As with all diamond drill bits you should use water as a lubricant and coolant. Being hollow, allows the water to flow up inside and around the inner core of these drill bits as you are drilling, helping to keep the drill bit cool and removing the debris. The water swirls around inside the core. This helps prolong the life of your diamond drill bit and helps to prevent any cracking or shattering of the material.

2.The method of use

The life of a diamond drill bit will depend on many factors: speed, lubricant, pressure and the density of the material used. If the speed is too high, this will cause the bit to overheat and make your material break. In addition, the bit will become dull and therefore shorten the life of the bit. If the diamond falls off the handle, it may be due to excessive pressure. To achieve maximum life of the bit and prevent material cracking, be sure to use almost no pressure, keep speed at the slowest point of the bit, and always use plenty of water to keep the material and bit cool. Water can be injected into the material by means of a pump, running water or drip irrigation, or the material can be immersed in water to ensure that the material to be drilled is covered by about 1 cm of water.

How to start drilling holes in glass, stones, ceramics... If you are using a bit press or bench press, this will not apply because you will not be able to adjust the bit, but can keep your material in place with the vise. Once the initial hole is made, you can drill from the vertical position. This mainly applies to those who drill through glass or smooth stones, such as pebbles. Another option is to use a small piece of masking tape in the area where you want to start drilling, which will help the drill not slide through the tile or glass bottle.

When drilling for any material, you should wear goggles and protective clothing to prevent damage from any spattered debris. When using water near the drill bit, attention should also be paid to the same degree. 

3. The advantage of diamond drill bits

1.penetrate harder materials 

Diamond bits are designed to drill through heavy materials, even concrete and stone. You may not be able to get a clean cut with other bits such as masonry bits. Diamond bits, on the other hand, can effortlessly go through the toughest materials.


Diamond bit cannot only cut everything from glass to marble, but also relatively fast. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials found on Earth, and diamond drill bits made from it can quickly penetrate most materials. You also don't have to worry about the chip flying around because it can still drill a clean hole, even if it works fast.

3.Metal Bonded Bits

This type of durable diamond bit is typically nickel-bound as multilayer diamonds are tightly wrapped in metal. Although these are more expensive, you will have more durable bits that can be used for more materials. Even standard diamond bits have a service life four times longer than non-diamond bits.  

4.Preventing chips and cracks

When you cut glass, stone, brick or concrete, the last thing you want to see is debris and cracks. If you don't use diamond drill bits, that's what you'll get because other bits don't have enough strength to handle these materials. Replacement of your building materials and damaged bits costs more than investing and using diamond bits.

5.Minimum noise 

There's no loud noise at work, which is a benefit for many people who need a lot of drilling. The speed of using diamond drill bits and the ease of cutting hard materials make the noise much less.


To get the results you want, you need to learn to use diamond drill bits carefully. For example, you must know when and how to use water to lubricate. Once you have learned how to use these specialized bits, you will be able to benefit from all of these advantages. For example, the speed and the minimal noise. If possible, buy some metal-bound diamond bits so your bits can be used for a long time.



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