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What's the advantage of wireline core barrel?

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The wireline core barrel through its special structure, can provide a lot of application. It has the advantages of large diameter, high-quality core, ability to obtain good recovery in a wide range of geological formations and excellent hydraulics. 


This article contains the following aspects:

  • The Introduction of wireline core barrels

  • The advantage of wireline core barrels

  • The importance of wireline core barrels

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of wireline core barrels

Wireline core barrel is a special type of core drilling, most commonly used in mineral exploration. Unlike some types of drilling, core drilling is not intended to dig a hole, but to take a core sample that allows geologists to analyze long solid cylinders to determine the composition of underground rock. Wireline core barrel can also be used when the cores are deeper, mainly because they do not need to be connected at each core. The pressing device falls on the cable and is connected directly to the inner tube assembly so that the core can be retrieved quickly after each penetration. The wireline core barrel is mainly used for mining operations, and the core shaft can be quickly put in and out of the drill pipe, so each individual core sample can be recovered without removing the rod. The salvage cylinder recovery tool fixed to the winch by steel cable descends along the center of the rod. When it reaches the back of the core tube, it gets stuck on the core and detached from the drill pipe, and then the winch pulls the entire drill tube and its core sample to the ground. Remove the drill pipe only when drilling is completed or the core bit needs to be replaced. The complete set of wireline drill tools include: core tube assembly, super shot nail assembly, drill pipe, claw, lifting plug, round wrench, etc.

2.Advantages of wireline core barrel

1.Save Time and manpower

Samples can be obtained without removing each drill post, and a lot of time can be saved by using the wireline core tube to hoist and remove the drill pipe. and the core tube can be removed from the bottom of the hole without unloading the drill column assembly. In this process, most of the time can be used for drilling, so it can take the same time to speed up the progress when drilling.

2.Obtaining a larger core sample

 For wireline core barrel drilling, the rod is made of fine high strength steel. this can make them thinner and thus make the core as large as possible.

3. In-depth exploration

 The maximum depth of the wire rope drilling can reach 1000m, or even greater.

4. Very versatile system

Wireline core barrel is a special type of core drilling, most commonly used in mineral exploration. Also is mainly used in mining operations, and the mandrel can be quickly put into and out of the drill pipe.

5. Wireline core barrel is ability to obtain good recovery in a wide range of geological formations.

6.Cable coring is a branch of conventional coring methods that helps continuous coring of selected formations. This advantage helps to get a continuous core, so you can minimize the number of round trips.

3.The importance of wireline core barrels

The development of the wireline system reduced the drill string time. For conventional drilling, the drill string and core barrel should be completely lifted from the hole, and the core sample should be taken out. The core barrel drill string should be lowered into the hole for the next operation. For cable systems, cored cartridges can be removed from the hole without a drill pipe. For vertical holes, the protruding part at the end of the inner core barrel can be pulled back through the cable, and the inner core barrel can be taken out of the outer core barrel for lifting. The drill string will not rise to the ground until the core bit wears. The deeper the hole is, the more time can be saved, and the operation of the drill string can be reduced and raised. For holes with a depth of less than 100m, traditional rotary core extraction methods will be used, as the time saved by cable drilling is negligible. For holes deeper than 100 meters, the cable should be used in an efficient manner.


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