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How to evaluate a tricone bit from structure?

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The tricone drill bit is the most common drill in the market. It is an important tool for oil drilling, and its working performance will directly affect the drilling quality, drilling efficiency and the cost. This paper will evaluate tricone bit from cutting, measuring, supporting structure and seal lubrication.

This article contains the following aspects:

The introduction of tricone bit

Evaluate a tricone bit from structure

Feature and Advantage


 tricone bit

The introduction of tricone bit

Tricone drill bits (referred to as the roller bit) are the most widely used drill bits with rotary drills and HDD (horizontal directional drills). The tricone drill bit crushes and eats the rock under the effect of weight on the drill and the rotation of the drill string. At the same time, a certain amount of sliding occurs and the rock is sheared. When the tricone drill bit roll on the bottom of the well, the teeth on the tricone bit impact and press into the formation in sequence. This action can crush a part of the rock at the bottom of the well, and at the same time, the shearing effect caused by the sliding of the tricone drill bit cuts the remaining part of the rock, completely broke the bottom of the well and extended the wellbore.

There are three types of tricone bit:

1.Open or sealed bearings

2.Rolling or friction bearings (sliding bearings)

3.Gauge protection, non-gauge protection, etc.

Applications of tricone bit:

1.Drilling in medium hard formation.

2. The design of the blade is asymmetric, the load of the cutting head is balanced, and the rotation of the cutting head can be prevented.

3.Composite protection and low torque design improve penetration.

Evaluate a tricone bit from structure

1.The cutting structure of this series of tricone drill bit:

Adopt new formula and new technology to improve the durability of the cemented carbide blades. Also the surface of steel teeth is treated with high-quality cemented carbide to improve the wear resistance of teeth.

2.This series of tricone bit measurement structure:

By installing a gauge trimmer and gauge insert on the taper gauge surface, the carbide blade and the tail surface can provide multiple  protection to improve the gauge's retention and the bearing's life.

3.This series of tricone drill bit support structure:

Tapered bearings are embedded in anti-wear alloys and then silver plated. This Improve the bearing wear resistance and seizure resistance, also make it suitable for high speed.

4.This series of tricone drill bit seal lubrication:

The advanced metal seal assembly includes two metal seats and two elastic actuators. The compression exciter ensures that the two sealing surfaces of the metal ring are in good contact with each other through elastic force, thereby achieving bearing sealing. During the drilling process, the metal seal is relatively dynamic and the drive is static. This will improve the reliability and durability of the bearing seal. Also the pressure compensation system and advanced grease can greatly improve the reliability of lubrication.

Feature and Advantage

1.Suitable for drilling in medium and hard formation.

2.The design of asymmetric blade cutter can balance tricone bit load and prevent tricone bit rotation.

3.Composite protection and low torque design improve the penetration.

4.Tricone bit is widely used in drilling, oil, natural gas and mining projects. It is mainly divided into steel teeth and TCI. The diameter is from 3 inches to 28 inches.

In general, steel teeth tricone drill bit is mainly used for drilling in soft rock. And the tricone drill bit is mainly used for hard rock drill (rubber sealed bearing type) and very hard rock drill (metal sealed bearing type). The back of the tricone drill is inserted with hard tungsten carbide, while the inner row is cone-shaped. This design provides fast drilling speed and increases the durability of medium to hard layer cutting structure.


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