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How does a tricone drill bit work?

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When learning about a tricone drill bit, it must be noted that the bearing plays a buffer role when the cone of the tricone drill rotates. By pushing the bit to its maximum position, the bearing allows you to drill deeper and longer. In this article we will introduce four different  bearings, which are open roller bearings, air-cooled roller bearings, sealed roller bearings and sealed journal bearings. It can help you clarify which kind of tricone drill bit is more suitable for your drilling project.

This article contains the following aspects:

4 types of tricone drill bit bearing and how they work

Things to watch out for at work


triocone drill bit 

4 types of tricone drill bit bearing and how they work

1.Open roller bearings

The main difference between open roller bearings and other tricone bearings is that they are not sealed. This open tricone drill design allows rocks and mud particles to enter the cone. Once particles enter and block the tee, the tricone drill must be pulled out and cleaned. Open roller bearings are mainly used to dig shallow holes. For deeper holes, they must be lifted and cleaned every 100 feet.

2.Air-cooled rolling bearings

In the research of air-cooled rolling bearings, air-cooled rolling bearings can only be found on tricone drill bits with air circulation. These bits use high-pressure air to enter the air channels of the tricone bearings to help lubricate, cool, and remove particles. This kind of tricone drill bit is faster and deeper than traditional tricone drill bit, which improves drilling efficiency.

3. Sealed roller bearings

When researching sealed roller bearings, you will find that they have very similar characteristics to open roller bearings. However, the main difference is that these tricone bearings are sealed o-rings. Because o-rings provide additional protection, this seal helps extend the life of the tricone bit and its bearings. There is a lubrication compensation system to control and prevent oil from leaking into the bearings. This system makes it easier for tricone drill bit to enter the formation without having to be pulled up as frequently as the other tricone drill bit ,which increase the efficiency of the drilling process without the need for additional manpower.

4.Sealed journal bearings

Sealed journal tricone bearings help reduce friction and support loads, making them durable.  Tricone bearings use two pull rings to hold the ball and distribute the load across the ball. When the bearing ring rotates, the bearing ball also rotates, which reduces the friction. The sealed journal tricone is a completely closed system with a floating cannula. The advantage of the floating cannula is that it keeps the particles away from the bearing and makes the taper hole rotate in the tricone drill bit. Floating cannulas are usually made of silver-plated beryllium copper and can be used as a self-lubricating material to help reduce friction and heat dissipation during heavy loads. In general, sealed journal tricone can help improve drilling performance and allow drilling projects to proceed smoothly.

Things to watch out for at work

1. Please select the applicable structure and parameters according to the instructions.

2. Carefully check the appearance of the drill, the threaded end of the drill, the serial number and certificate on the package.

3. WOB and RPM should be selected from the recommended parameters. Higher WOB and RPMS should not be used at the same time.

4. The bottom of the well must be clean, and drilling tools should not be used when expanding the long hole.

5. The drilling process must proceed smoothly. If any abnormal phenomenons are found, they should be analyzed underground and take effective measures in time.

6. Drill bits shall be kept dry and well ventilated in a 10°C-33°C room to avoid sun and rain. In this case, the quality of the bit can be guaranteed for three years.


The triocone drill bit is the most common drill in history and is very expensive and usually used with mud. There are 4 types of tricone drill bit bearing and they operate in different ways. Our company is the standout in the production of tricone drill bit, our products are made of high quality, all spare parts are strictly inspected before they leave the factory. We are honored to provide you with our service.



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