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What's the advantage of impregnated diamond core bits?

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The impregnated diamond core bit has emerged as the most commonly used type in the mineral exploration industry. Compared with bits made of other cutting media, the advantages of using impregnated diamond bits include: wide application range, longer service life and so on.

This article contains the following aspects: 

  • The Introduction of impregnated diamond core bits

  • The advantage of impregnated diamond core bits

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of impregnated diamond core bits


Impregnated diamond core bits are made of small, high-quality synthetic diamonds that are uniformly mixed through a metal matrix. The diamonds used are industrial-grade diamonds that are fine every minute. They are arranged in substrates of varying hardness, from brass to high-grade steel. The main technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond type, particle size, concentration and diamond grade, matrix hardness and crown shape. Matrix hardness, diamond size and dosage can vary depending on the rock being cut. If the drilling machine can be reasonably selected according to the formation, a satisfactory drilling effect can be obtained in the formation with different hardness.

Impregnated diamond bits are used to cut media into hard formations. They mixed various metal powders with synthetic diamond and strengthened them with carbides and diamonds. This allows the drill to drill all types of formations. Impregnated diamond drill bits can be used for a variety of operations, including crushing, high wear, fine grain, consolidation, and ultra-hard rock. The drill is sharp and the blades have been updated.

As the substrate wears, a new diamond layer is exposed. Impregnated diamond core bits can penetrate a variety of formations, from the softest to the hardest rocks. They are made from very small, high-quality synthetic diamonds evenly through the tungsten carbide matrix. During the drilling process, the substrate wears evenly, and new sharp diamond spots are continuously exposed during the drilling process.

2.The advantage of impregnated diamond core bits

1.Longer life than similar products (ultra-wear-resistant gauges). Compared with other types of cutting media, their multi-layer tool structure makes the overall life of the bit longer. Impregnated diamond core bits are particularly suitable for drilling in hard, consolidated, non-erosive formations.

2. Impregnated diamond core bits have the drill hole maximize penetration speed (cutting harder rock more quickly). It can drill out geological formations from the softest to the hardest. 

3. Demand less push leading to more accurate drilling. 

4. Precision, no vibration drill straight hole. 

5. Less fuel consumption, rod wear and core wear. 

6. Better core recovery.

7. Relatively low-cost products are short-holes. 

8. Impregnated diamond core bits are 30% softer than other bits (cutting hard stones faster). 

9. Good wear resistance, longer service life for gauges of outer diameter and inner diameter. 

10. Better core recovery mixed with very high quality synthetic diamonds.

11. Higher diamond concentrations, increased lifetime and permeability. 

12. Lower fuel consumption and less equipment wear and tear impregnated core bits are more economical than other bits to use. The cost per meter is much lower than that of diamond-core drills imported from emerging economies. 

13. Simplified matrix selection reduces inventory costs. 

14.  Impregnated diamond core drill bit is widely used in various types of drilling, hydropower, construction, road, railway, bridge, construction and other industries of coring detection pile.

15. Compared with other types of cutting media, the simple coronal geometry makes the impregnated diamond core bit less vulnerable to well damage, so it is more able to withstand changes in geological structures or banding changes. 

According to its advantages, we can figure out how to find the right choice of impregnated diamond core bits. We should consider what is the ability of the formation? What is the torque output of the rig? How hard is the rock? Keep adjusting until maximize its advantages.


Based on its advantages, we can conclude that the impregnated diamond core bit has a longer service life compared to the bits made of other types of cutting media. They are particularly suitable for drilling in hard, consolidated, non-erosive formations and are relatively low-cost.According to its advantages, impregnated diamond core bit has become the most common type in mineral exploration.



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