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What's features of impregnated diamond core bits?

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The impregnated diamond core bit is synthesized from very small, high-quality diamond through a uniformly mixed metal matrix. Select the hardness of the matrix through the appropriate rock formation, so that it wears evenly throughout the life of the bit, revealing new sharp diamonds. Higher diamond concentrations will increase longevity and permeability.

This article contains the following aspects: 

  • The Introduction of impregnated diamond core bits

  • The application of impregnated diamond core bits

  • Conclusion


1.the introduction of impregnated diamond core bits


The impregnated diamond core bit is the most commonly used bit in the mineral exploration industry. Compared with drills made from other cutting media, the advantages of impregnated diamond core bit include: A wide range of applications. The simple canopy geometry makes it less susceptible to well bore damage and more adaptable to changes in geological structure or zoning. At the same time, compared with drills produced by other types of cutting media, its multi-layer tool configuration can improve the overall life of the drill. Therefore, the impregnated diamond core bit is particularly suitable for drilling in hard, consolidated, non-erosive formations.

The capability of the drilling equipment should be considered in terms of its operational capability within the recommended operating parameters and variations in geological conditions. If a core is needed, the impregnated diamond core bit is usually used. However, when bits are used without the need for core, drilling efficiency and economic viability increase.

2.features of impregnated diamond core bits

1.Good drilling speed. They have adapted to such hard rocks.

2. The impregnated diamond core bit can produce drills of various sizes and specifications as required.There are several watercourse designs available for different types of formations and conditions. But impregnated drills are not suitable for drilling through covers.

3. High wear resistance and impact-resistant toughness.

4. Longer drilling life.

5. Fast penetration rate.

6. Labor intensity can be reduced.

7.Drilling speed of the impregnated diamond core bit is very fast.

8.Impregnated Core Bit is normally used in case core is needed, while non core bit is used if core is not needed.

9.Impregnated diamond core bits are used for cutting medium to superhard formations. They mixed various metal powders with synthetic diamonds and fortified them with carbides and diamonds. This allows the drill to drill all types of formations. Impregnated diamond bits can be used for a variety of operations including crushing, high wear, fine grain, and consolidation rock. The drill is sharp and the blade is renewed. As the substrate wears away, a new diamond layer is exposed. 

10.All impregnated diamond core bits are protected by T.C. and diamond gauges. Optimal diamond size, concentration, and matrix composition vary depending on the hardness and abrasiveness of the rock formation being drilled.


According to its features, we can figure out how to find the right choice of impregnated diamond core bits. If the formation is fractured, a lower series is recommended due to the abrasive properties of the rocks. For eligible formations, it is recommended to use a higher series with a softer matrix for appropriate diamond exposure and matrix erosion. If the machine has a low torque output, a higher torque output should be used. The lower series may perform best on high-torque machines that optimize the RPMS available. When drilling in soft rock, the lower tool family is more resistant to abrasion conditions, thus extending the life of the bit and increasing the rate of penetration. The higher series is more productive in hard rock conditions, where the softer matrix wears away, exposing the new diamond to the rock.

Once the criteria have been evaluated and the drill has been selected and used, record the material, wear pattern and penetration. If successful, continue using bits, or reevaluate. If penetration is slow, try a higher range. If bit life is short, try the low end series.



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