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What's wireline core barrel used for?

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The core barrel plays an important role in diamond drilling because it is used to recover the core. Today, most diamond drillers use cable core drillers, which have become the standard for high-yield core recovery. To provide more convenience, they are fully compatible with other corresponding systems and spare parts are always available. But this is not the only application of wireline core barrel, through its special structure, it can provide a lot of application.

This article contains the following aspects: 

  • The Introduction of wireline core barrels

  • The application of wireline core barrels

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of wireline core barrels

BTW core barrel

Double tube, rotary type core barrel, provide various outer diameters corresponding to the size of diamond drilling and rotary drilling respectively; Designed to make the inner tube assembly scalable. At the end of the core drilling, the drill column is broken at the top joint, so the excessive latching device can be lowered to the cable through the drill rod column. When it reaches the core tube, the salvage tube is stuck on the retractable inner tube assembly, which is locked in the core tube during core operation. The upward pull of the ejector releases the inner tube and allows it to be lifted to the ground through the drill pipe. It is then emptied and repaired, then dropped into or pumped into the hole, and then re-locked into the core tube at the bottom.

The wireline core drill can be lifted from the drill pipe without a core removal system. The complete set of wire drill tools include: core tube assembly, super shot nail assembly, drill pipe, claw, lifting plug, round wrench, etc. It has the advantages of large diameter, high-quality core, ability to obtain good recovery in a wide range of geological formations and excellent hydraulics. Very versatile system with the increase of drilling depth, its advantages will be more obvious.

2.The application of wireline core barrels

Wireline core barrel is a special type of core drilling, most commonly used in mineral exploration. Unlike some types of drilling, the purpose of core drilling is not to dig a hole, but to take a core sample - a long solid cylinder that geologists can analyze to determine the composition of the underground rock. Wireline core barrel can also be used when the cores are deeper, mainly because they eliminate the need to connect and disconnect the rods each time they are cored. The pressing device falls on the cable and is coupled directly to the inner tube assembly, so that the core can be quickly retrieved after each core piercing. Provide DCDMA size B, N, H and P. wired coring system for various soil mining operations. Wireline core barrel is mainly used in mining operations, and the mandrel can be quickly put into and out of the drill pipe, so each individual core sample can be recovered without removing the rod. The salvage cylinder recovery tool fixed to the winch by steel cable descends along the center of the rod. When it reaches the back of the core tube, it latches onto the core and detaches from the drill pipe, and then the winch pulls the entire drill tube and its core samples to the surface. The drill pipe is removed only when the drilling is complete or the core bit needs to be replaced.

3. Conclusion

Wireline core barrels have many advantages and can be used in so many ways. For example, core drilling and mining operations. Through its special structure, it can provide a lot of convenience, and can also be fully compatible with other corresponding systems.



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