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What's the specification of drill pipe?

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The specification of drill pipe is based on ISO,Its specifications are applied around the world and must be strictly based on the use, purchase and production of drill pipe. This article will point out some important standards about drill pipe. 

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This article contains the following aspects:

  • The specification of drill pipe

  • Conclusion


The specification of drill pipe

1. ISO is a global alliance of national standards organizations (ISO member organizations). The development of international standards is usually done through the ISO Technical Committee. This standard is based on API Spec5D and API Spec7. Users using this international standard should note that individual applications may require further or different requirements. This international standard is not intended to prohibit the seller from providing or the buyer from accepting alternative equipment or engineering solutions for individual applications. This is particularly true in innovative or developing technologies.

2. The drill pipe shall be manufactured from the drill pipe body manufactured under Clause 7 and the tool joint manufactured under Clause 8. The area of the drill pipe body and tool joint affected by the welding and finishing process is addressed in Clause 6.

3. Standard configuration: All dimensions without tolerances are related to the design basis and cannot be determined by product acceptance or rejection. The dimensions of drill pipe not mentioned in this standard or purchase agreement are at the discretion of the manufacturer. Swivel shoulder connections shall comply with the dimensions and tolerances in ISO 10424-2 or API Spec 7-2. The right threaded connection should be considered a standard connection.

4. drill pipe with dimensions defined in this international standard shall be supplied if other configurations are specified in the purchase agreement. In such cases, dimensions, tolerances and markings shall be determined by negotiation between the buyer and the seller. The drill pipe body and tool joint shall be modified in accordance with this agreement provided, also the drill pipe shall be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of this international standard.

5. Length:

The drill pipe length range shall conform to the length and tolerances specified in the purchase agreement. The drill pipe manufacturer shall specify the length and tolerances of the drill pipe body and the tool joint in order to complete the required length of each drill pipe.


Each drill pipe shall be subjected to end drift tests on the drill tool joint and the entire length of the drill tool. And a cylindrical central shaft shall be used with a minimum diameter of 3.2 mm (0.125 inch), which is less than the inner diameter dp specified by the pin end. The length of the drift central axis is at least 100 mm (4 inches). 

7.Tool-joint alignment

The maximum deviation of the longitudinal axis of the drill pipe body and the longitudinal axis of the welding tool joint should not exceed the following values.

Parallel deviation: the total indicator reading is 4mm (0,157 inches); 

Angle deviation: 

(1)the label is 1:4-2 or greater (0.008 inches) / Inch) is 8 mm / m

(2)less than 1: 4-2 is 10 mm / m (0.001 inch / inch).

The axis of the tool joint shall be defined on the surface of the outer diameter and shall not be affected by markings or hard bars. The axis of the drill pipe body should be at least 400 mm (15 inches) from the outer surface of the drill pipe.

8.Weld-zone profile

The weld area shall not have sharp corners or sharp changes in section. 

9.drill pipe manufactured in accordance with this international standard shall be marked by the drill pipe manufacturer. Other marks may be used, including marks for applicable compatibility standards, at the manufacturer's option or as specified in the purchase agreement. Marks shall not overlap and shall not be marked in a manner that damages the drill pipe. The final marking of the drill pipe shall be the responsibility of the drill pipe manufacturer and shall include tracking capability.


ISO specifies the specifications for all aspects of the drill pipe, our factory has been specialized in manufacturing drilling pipes for many years.We have advanced technology and equipment.And our technician has many year's professional working experience. So it's no doubt that we can provide you the best products.



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