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What's the advantage of DTH drilling hammer?

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The DTH hammer is called "Down-the-Hole hammer ", which is widely used in foundation engineering, anti-collapse square engineering, quarrying service, marine civil engineering and so on. It has many advantages, for example longer service life, simple structure, high efficiency...By understanding the advantage of DTH hammer we can better learn its performance.

DTH hammer 8inch

This article contains the following aspects:

  • The introduction of DTH hammer

  • Advantages of DTH hammer

  • Conclusion


The introduction of DTH hammer

The DTH hammer is an impact system. The compressed air drives the piston to move up and down in the DTH hammer body, transmitting strong impact energy to the drill bit, and drilling through broken rock. The DTH hammer drilling method is good for hard rock drilling. Also the drilling performance helps to shorten working time.

DTH hammer for blasting drilling and drilling engineering. Used in conjunction with DTH drill pipe and DTH drill bit, mainly for construction works such as mine, marble quarry or drilling.

Product structure: DTH hammer piston, inner cylinder, valve seat, check valve and drill accessory are installed in the extended outer cylinder. An upper joint with a wrench opening and a connecting thread is installed on the outer cylinder, and a brazed sleeve with a threaded connection is installed at the lower end. 

Product maintenance: 

1)Thoroughly clean all spares with clean diesel.

2)Check piston surface for scratches, burrs, cracks and sand or replace with sandpaper. 

3)Check the lining and holes for scratches, burrs, cracks, and for sand or sandpaper replacement.

4)Inspect barrels and core tubes for notches, burrs and cracks. Grind irregular shape and replace if necessary. 

5)Check the o-ring seal for cracks and burrs and replace if necessary. 

6)Check upper valve for wear and tear. Check whether valve can slide freely around cylinder bottom and cylinder core, also check sealing performance with upper joint.


1.DTH hammer has high impact force and high drilling efficiency, also higher drilling speed.

2.There is no liner (nylon tube) inside the drill to eliminate thermal expansion, cold shrinkage and damage to the drill during operation. 

3.The internal structure size of the DTH hammer can obtain the optimal energy transmission, large single impact power and fast drilling speed. 

4.DTH hammer has special cone reduction design. If gravel and soil blockage occurs during drilling or taper during drilling, the change in diameter will reduce the lift resistance and greatly reduce the failures. 

5.The DTH hammer in order to prevent dust pollution during drilling operations, the main components of the product adopt special computer program heat treatment technology, which is conducive to adding a small amount of high pressure water to the compressed air for wet drilling protection. 

6.In this design of the DTH hammer, the user can directly connect with the drill pipe without changing the diameter of the joint, thereby reducing the user's production costs. 

7.The DTH hammer select the best raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, more stable performance and longer service life. 

8.The internal structure of the DTH hammer is the simplest, most reliable, convenient to disassemble, less trouble, and easy to maintain. Since all components are heat treated, there are fewer failures and easier maintenance. 

9.The DTH hammer with valveless air distribution is more reliable. 

10.More efficient energy transfer, faster drilling, lower air consumption and lower fuel consumption. 

11.Since the top connector is easy to remove, the drive chuck and external cylinder are connected by multiple threads. 

12.Please note that the DTH hammer is designed to drill holes in various rock requirements. It is worth noting that when the piston of the DTH hammer is in contact with the drill, it will not lose the transmitted energy as the hammer deepens.

13.Hardening treatment can be provided to extend the service life and reduce the cost of use of the DTH hammer. 

14.The piston and drill of DTH hammer have the best momentum transfer. 

15.Modern theory is adopted in the structural design of the DTH hammer, make the stress wave longer, lower stress amplitude, longer piston life.


According to China's mining conditions, our company is able to absorb the advanced technology of the DTH hammer. Design and manufacture of the latest products. We will offer you reasonable selection of materials, advanced manufacturing technology and quality assurance perfect. Let DTH hammer give full play to its advantages.



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