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How important wireline core barrels are?

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Wireline core barrels have many advantages and can be used in so many ways. They play an important role in mineral exploration. They are also fully compatible with other corresponding systems and always have available spare parts .

This article contains the following aspects:

  • The Introduction of wireline core barrels

  • The importance of wireline core barrels

  • Conclusion


1.The Introduction of wireline core barrels

wireline core barrel series

Wireline core barrel is a special type of core drill most commonly used in mineral exploration. The purpose of core drilling is to take a core sample-a long solid cylinder that geologists can analyze to determine the composition of underground rocks. Wireline cores can also be used when the core is deeper, they eliminate the need to connect and disconnect the core each time. The pressing device falls on the cable and is directly coupled to the inner tube assembly to quickly retrieve the core after each core insertio. No need to take the core system, you can lift the cable from the drill pipe. The complete set of wire drill tools include: core tube assembly, super shot nail assembly, drill pipe, claw, lifting plug, round wrench, etc.

2.The importance of wireline core barrels

Wireline core barrel is a special type of core drilling. In the deep hole, most of the time it is used to lower and lift the drill string for removing the core samples per 3m or 6m core stroke. The wireline system is developed to reduce the time to lift the drill string. For conventional drilling, the drill column and the core barrel should be completely hoisted from the hole with the core sample taken out, and the drill column with the core barrel should be lowered into the hole for the next operation. For the cable system, the core barrel with core can be removed from the hole without using drill pipe. For vertical holes, the protruding part of the end of the inner core barrel can be pulled back through the cable, and the inner core barrel can be removed from the outer core barrel for lifting. The drill string is not raised to the ground until the core bit is worn (i.e. the bit life is about 30m). The deeper the hole, the more time can be saved, and the operation of the drill string can be reduced and lifted. For the hole depth less than 100m, the conventional rotary core extraction method will be used because the time saved by drilling through the cable is negligible. For holes with depth over 100m, the cable should be used in an effective way.

The inner tube core barrel falls into the hole. Once the bottom of the hole is reached, it will be latched in place that extends to the locking point of the outer core barrels. The core can be started by rotating the drill string that makes the outer core barrel rotate. However, the inner barrel does not rotate like the traditional inner tube. After coring is completed, the salvage cylinder connected to the end of the cable will descend into the hole, free to drop or be pressurized by water pressure to the bottom of the hole. The protrusion will be locked in the spear head of the inner core barrel, and the upward pull of the protrusion will release the inner tube core barrels from the latch (lock pin) and allow it to be lifted to the ground through the cable. The core is then removed from the core barrel and dropped or pumped into the hole with pressurized water to remove the core again.


Wireline core barrel have many advantages and is absolutely necessary in mining operations. It can be lifted from the drill pipe without a core removal system. Its special structure allows it to provide a lot of convenience and is fully compatible with other corresponding systems.



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